Rebuild, seal, block and stick different types of materials and shapes

IVEGOR Multi Putty

Can be used on any surface type

It is used to rebuild, seal, block and stick different types of materials and shapes.

Protection of any surface type, either exposed to the air or in constant or alternated immersion in sweet or sea water.

With its difference in colours (blue + yellow = green), it is easy to recognize that the mixture is well prepared. It can be painted when hard.

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Frecuently used applications

  • Underwater.
  • To seal leakage in ships and vessels.
  • To seal cracks and fissures in concrete, dams, tanks, submarine emissaries, plumbing, walls, etc.
  • Joinery seal and plumbing re-construction.
  • Re-construction and joinery of different elements and materials such as pipes.
  • Long lasting protective and resistant coating against immersed or half-immersed structures like platforms, piers, structural pillars on oil-rigs, and other hydraulic works.
  • To seal, reconstruct and reinforce metallic structures where welding / joinery is not possible.

Range of application

  • Engineering works.
  • Hydraulic constructions.
  • Merchant, fishing and other types of vessels and ships.
  • Navigation.
  • Divers.
  • Ship salvaging and recoveries.
  • Plumbing.
  • Industrial maintenance.
  • Swimming pool maintenance.
  • Garages.


Step 1: Mix the same amount of basic component (yellow) and curing agent (blue).
Step 2: Mix both components, kneading the mixture.
Step 3: Once you obtain a homogeneous green mass (without streaks or seams), it can be used for about 20 minutes.


With moist hands and gloves, you can model and spread the mixture, giving it the desired shape and thickness.

It is convenient to press the mixture while it is extended to improve adherence.
We can apply it over dry and wet surfaces, in water or in air.
Surfaces must be clean, without oxides, grease, paint, impurities or other defects that inhibit the correct adhesion of the putty.
Sanding,scratching, filing or other procedures to get the surface ready will improve its adhesion.

Ivegor Multi Putty packaging

Set (kit): 500g (250g + 250g).
Set (kit): 1 Kg (500g + 500g).
Set (kit): 2 Kg (1Kg + 1Kg).
Set 10 Kg (5Kg + 5Kg).
If you are interested in bigger amounts, please contact us.

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